Partial List of Labor Prices on Drop Off Services
(parts not included unless noted)

Only $40.00 for Virus Re/moval

Included in Virus removal processI will remove all Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Backdoors, Key Loggers, Malware and Tracking Cookies.
I can remove 99% of all viruses without any data lost. A few Viruses will hide all your data and programs making you think they were delete. When the Virus is removed I will unhide all your data & programs.
Only in extreme cases or if you or an inexperience person tried to removal the virus, than I may need to do a clean reinstall. I will save up to 10gig of data at no extra charge.

Operating System Re/Install with your product Key

Windows XP $40.00 Vista $60.00 Windows 7 $40.00

Operating System Re/Install with my product Key

Windows XP Home or Pro $40.00,

Windows Vista Premium or Business $100.00 
(I do not recommend Windows Vista)

Windows 7 Premium $60.00,  Windows 7 Pro $80.00

Hard Drive Installation $10.00,
plus the cost of Operating System Re/Install

Hard Drive Cloning $40.00

Motherboard Installation

Desktops $60.00, Laptops $80.00

Dell Latitudes E-series Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Non backlit Keyboards $30.00 Parts & Labor included if available

Backlit Keyboards $40.00 Parts & Labor included if available

Laptop Screen Replacement

$40.00 Labor with your Screen

$40.00 Labor plus cost of the New Screen (most around $100.00)

Free Memory Installation on most system

I only perform work that is necessary and what was agree upon when system was brought in for services.

*Residential ON-Site Services **$80.00

*New Computer Setup and/or Wireless Networking **$80.00
*Service Area is within 12 miles radius of IH35 & SH45 (**up to 4 hours than $20.00hr)

No Hidden Fee's!   No Surprises!   No hourly Charge!

I do just about every repair on all PC's Make & Model 

 I do not do Laptop DC Jacks.

I do not remove Passwords 


I specialize in Dell's but I fix them all.

A fee will be apply on all Credit Card transaction